Oracle Database Backup

Backup of Oracle Database 8i, 9i, 10g

Businesses cannot afford any downtime of their mission-critical systems, and data backup proves to be ever more crucial. With a database that grows over time, you need a robust and reliable data backup and restore solution. The Oracle Database Backup Module in TAPNET Backup – Advanced offers the ultimate solution to businesses with such needs, which makes TAPNET Backup – Advanced the ideal backup software for backing up Oracle database.
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Oracle DB Server Backup Module

  • MySQLOracle 8i, 9i and 10g
  • Zero Downtime throughout the backup procedures, ensuring business operations not compromised
  • Easy Backup of files including *.log, *.ctl, *.dbf, *.ora, etc.
  • Point-In-Time Recovery with flexible retention policy settings that allows restoration to any database snapshot from the archive collection.
  • Immediate Offsite Backup & Restoration which safeguards mission-critical data from disaster, hardware failure, human error, etc.
  • In-file Delta allows backing up only the changed blocks of data in comparison to the original file on the backup server.
  • Automatic Backup – backup on demand or automatically at scheduled time.
  • Easy Backup through single click selection of the data to be backed up or restored.
  • Multi-layered Security with its 128-bit encryption and 128-bit SSL data transmission
  • Data Compression helps you save backup space and bandwidth during data transmission.

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