Online Backup Pricing

Local or Cloud Backups

50GB Online Backup Account

Get started with a 50GB online backup account.  Initial setup includes 50GB of space for Online Backup and Cloud Storage. More devices, storage and devices, Servers, Windows, SQL or Exchange can be added anytime to this same storage space.

Backup Now

Start with 50GB For Only $2.95/Month - Add More Storage Anytime!

Includes Online Backup
Backup unlimited drives, folders and network drives for Windows or Mac OS.
Includes Cloud Storage
Mount cloud storage as a network drive to your Windows workstation or Windows Server.
Add Devices
Additional devices can be added at checkout or upgraded anytime.


Add Increments of 500GB
Increments of 500GB of Storage can be added at checkout or upgraded anytime.


Windows Server (File + Imaging)
Includes File Level + Image Based Backup


MS SQL Server
Backup MS SQL Server


MS Exchange
Backup MS Exchange


VM Server
Backup VM Server (Includes 2 VM Sockets)


VM Server Socket
Backup Virtual Machine Server Socket


Google Apps/Office 365
Backup Google Apps and Office 365


Remote Desktop
Backup via Remote Desktop session


Choose Data Location
Select Data Center Locations From Currently Available: US - Canada - Europe - Australia - Asia
Upload/Download Limits
The amount of data you can transfer to and from data centers each month. Additional Charges may apply for excessive use.


Unlimited Transfer Speed
This is the user’s upload-and-download speed. TAPNET never throttles transfers – the only limiter on this speed is the user’s ISP. Test your upload speed here Speed Test


Online Web Portal
Personal, secure web page. Log in from any web browser and see your backed up files. Download any file and version of the file. Cannot modify + upload.
Automated Backup Log Reports
Receive an email report on every backup that completes or only if was incomplete.
Unlimited File Version History
Set any retention history required to maintain file versioning.
Total Security
Your data is safe, encrypted and backed up in our carrier grade data centres.
Deleted Files
Keep deleted files for as long as you need. For each backup you can configure retention settings as per any requirement you need. Restore files or folders easily with one click.
NAS Device Support
NAS devices or any mapped network drive can be backed up with no additional software or cost. It is all included.
Operating Support
TAPNET’S Online Backup Software works with all versions of Windows, OSX as well as Linux/Ubuntu. Clients also available for MS SQL, MS Exchange, VM Ware, Bare Metal and some NAS devices such as QNAP and Synology.
Service And Support
24hr same day e-mail support
Instant Online Activation
Account activation commences immediately after signing up.
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