Linux BSD

Supports BSD / Linux / Unix / Solaris / HP-UX / etc.

Linux in its many flavors has become the norm in website and application hosting. Setting up an online backup using TAPNET Backup – Advanced can provide your servers with the data security needed to maintain the highest uptime possible. Install TAPNET Backup – Advanced on your servers and manage all of them through the web interface. Keep up-to-date backups of your OS configs, websites and databases with ease!
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Linux, Unix, Solaris, BSD

  • Full support of All Linux, Solaris, Unix, BSD based Operating Systems
  • MySQL Database Support e.g. whole database or per-user or per-database backups.
  • Unlimited Servers/Computers, install the software on all your servers.
  • Centralized Web Management, manage your backup sets on all servers through the web.
  • Command Line support allows you to run the software on servers without X windows.
  • In-File Delta Backup allows backing up only the changes within a file.
  • Incremental Backup boosts application efficiency since only modified files will be backed up.
  • Automatic Backup through the built-in backup scheduler.
  • MultiMulti-layered Security with its 128-bit encryption and 128-bit SSL data transmission.
  • Compression which saves the backup space and bandwidth during transmission.

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Michelle, Ireland

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Caroline, France

“Streaming videos to my iPhone from cloud storage is so cool!”

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“Cloud storage makes it so easy for our business to work together.”

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