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A drive you can access anywhere

With Briefcase, you’ll get a special new drive on your computer. It appears just like a USB drive. However, unlike a USB drive files put on your briefcase are automatically synced online and across all your computers. Use it to keep all your work, photos, music in one place and the same across all your PCs – even between Windows and Mac!

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Work on the web

Access all your briefcase files from the web from any computer with an Internet connection. Our feature packed web portal allows you to play music, stream video and even view and edit documents (including MS Office documents) online!

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iPhone and iPad App

Our great apps for iPhone and iPad let you access your briefcase files on the move.

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Share Files Easily

Just right click on any file and you can share it easily with others. You can share privately with specified individuals (we’ll e-mail them a secure link) or you can share with everyone on the web. We’ll give you your own sub-domain (yourname.) where people can access your shared files

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Email To Storage

Email files to your Briefcase and they’re automatically stored online and synced between your computers. We’ll give you a special, unique e-mail address for your account that you can use to send files to.

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Keep files online or offline

You can keep Briefcase files on your PC so you can access them offline, or you can store files only online to save space on your computer. Chose which folders and files you want to keep local copies of on each computer.

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LAN Transfers

Use TAPNET on multiple PCs on the same network? TAPNET will sync files between PCs over the LAN.

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Super Fast Transfers

TAPNET never throttles your bandwidth and uses advanced technology to maximize the speed of your uploads and downloads.

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Superior Technology

Many competing products offer a folder for syncing. Because Briefcase appears as a drive it integrates with your computer at the lowest level meaning it syncs superfast and it doesn’t slow down your computer. Changes on one computer appear on other computers in seconds.

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Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage?

Cloud Storage is a simple and secure online backup solution which keeps a copy of your files safely online, so that if the files are never lost or damaged you can restore them quickly and easily. TAPNET Cloud Storage is very easy to set up, and once it’s configured you can just forget about it..

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Cloud Services

How does Cloud Storage differ From Other Services?

Cloud Storage is different than Online Backup. Cloud Storage creates an online drive which you can copy files into. This is very similar to a mapped network drive. The online drive can be accessed from any internet connection and utilizes worldwide data centers to provide a cost effective data storage solution.

The virtual drive appears as a new Folder in My Computer window. You can copy and open files directly from the TAPNET Cloud Box folder. By installing the software on additional computers you can access the same TAPNET Cloud Box folder from other computers.  Note, each computer requires a Cloud Storage Device license.
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How do I setup a Cloud Storage?

This process is the same as the online backup. After ordering the service and online backup software is installed if the online drive is activated it will automatically add a new drive on the computer. This new drive is accessed just like connecting a USB flash drive – it’s very easy and literally takes minutes.

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Online Drive

Where can I see the files in the Online Drive?

The files that you’ve copied into the online drive all available from your the newly created drive letter on the computer. Login with your TAPNET account e-mail address and password. You can use these files just like if they were on the computer.

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How can I restore files from Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is not an online backup. It is a repository for placing files that need to be stored online to be accessed from multiple locations or multiple users. It is not normally used as an online backup service.

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Can I get access to previous versions of files?

No. Online storage is for storing files, not creating a revision history. However to enable revision history use TAPNET Backup which keeps up to the last 30 versions of any file. Login to your web portal, click on the Backup tab and navigate to the file. Double click on the file to view its properties – you’ll see a list of historical versions here and can download whichever one you want.

Alternatively, if you are using TAPNET Restore, simply right-click on a file and select View Older Versions or select Versions from the toolbar to see a list and restore any historical versions.
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Can I restore deleted items?

Yes – both the TAPNET Web Portal and TAPNET Restore let you access deleted items. Simply look for the entry in your toolbar called “Show Deleted Items”.
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