Big Backup

Big Backup Quick Start

Initial Backup For Large amounts of data.
For our customers who sign up with any package of 500 GB or more with a large amount of data that needs to be backed up initially, TAPNET Backup has an initial seeding service which can be ordered for an extra charge. Backup your data to a hard drive within your own network then ship the drive to us. We’ll handle your initial backup and return the hard drive back to you. Once this data has been loaded onto our servers, incremental backups will allow you to keep it up to date without uploading for days or months.
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Shipping method

1.What shipping method will be used?

After ordering the initial seeding service we will provide a shipping address where your hard drive needs to be shipped to. It is your choice of courier, however it is highly suggested that tracking and signature as well as adequate insurance is purchased by the shipper.
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2.What if the drive/server is lost or stolen during transit?

Either method supports using the TAPNET Backup software to do the initial backup, which encrypts your data using a key of your choice, without this password, the data on the drives cannot be accessed.
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3.Will you assist in setting up the intial backup?

Absolutely, when we recieve your hard drive, we will process all the data on the hard drive into your online backup account. No fuss no muss.
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