Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore and ShadowProtect Compatibility.

TAPNET Backup fully supports ShadowProtect and their Image-Based backup. Image based backups are the most proficient way to protect your entire production environment. Unlike with traditional backups which archive and protect key individual files and folders, with Image-based backups you can retain the operating system, program files, settings, patches, updates, and all other necessary low-level critical data.

Companies face big challenges when figuring out how to maximize the continuity of their business and avoid service disruptions. With Bare Metal Restore you can achieve fast and reliable recovery, data protection, and quick Server Restoration on the fly. Bare-Metal-Recovery for the same system or different hardware configurations, and to or from virtual environments. Protect your entire server environment, including the Operating System and other applications such as SQL or Exchange.

With Bare Metal Restore you can achieve point-in-time backup consolidation for daily, weekly, and monthly images. Automatic verification tools ensure your backups are in a reliable state when recovery is required.

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Bare Metal Restore Benefits:

  • Rapid recovery to dissimilar hardware, and from or to virtual disks.
  • Centralized control over your backups through a simply management interface.
  • Verification of Backup Images
  • VirtualBoot Technology for quick failover to virtual servers.
  • Converter tool for .VHD or .VMDK files.
  • Automatic backup for SQL, Exchange, and other critical apps.
  • Granular recovery of individual files and folders.
  • Simplified migration to new Windows Servers.
  • Scheduler for automatic full and incremental backups.

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