How Does an Online Backup Service Work?

In a nutshell, an online backup service mirrors the files on your computer. The data is stored in an off-site location monitored by the backup provider. To save files on the provider’s servers, you must get a backup plan. Most vendors offer a free plan. For paid premiums, the average cost is generally between US $5 and US $15 per month.

Online Backup Service at Work

Depending on the plan, consumers can enjoy unlimited backup for a month. Some providers offer no-cost plans, but with a limited storage capacity. The limitations are lifted when you purchase a plan valid for a specific period. If you are a business user, the service gets more expensive.

The backup provider will send you a link to download on your computer. Once the connection is set up, you can regulate your data through:

* File selection

* Routine backup schedule

* Allocated bandwidth management

* File uploads

Most backup services encrypt the connection. Others even secure the data on your computer. They deliver an

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