Office and Business Software Install and Setup

Here at Tapnet, we know setting up an office takes a lot of time and effort. After all, as the center of business operations, nothing can be left to chance and this is why we offer our office software installation and setup and our business software installation and setup services. These services are being offered to ensure that your office is set up as quickly and as expertly as possible so that you do not run into any problems along the way. We have lots of customers who come to us asking for help and we are happy to say that our team delivers quality results each and every time.


For Office Software Installation and Setup

Setting up office computers and work stations hardware is no mean feat. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the hardware in place. The work doesn’t end there and that is where we come in. once your computers are set up and all the wires are in place, it is time to deal with the software and that is not a job for newbies. Here at Tapnet, we have a team of the best office software installation experts who will ensure that all your software and apps are in place and configured to suit your business needs. Not only does our team set up your computer but they will also take some time to talk to you about how to use your software. Should you have any problems, do not hesitate to call on Tapnet because our team of professionals will be there to help you with the following:

• Configuration of email tools and access
• Installation of office software suite
• Configuration of updates and backups
• Setup of office printer and phones
• Configuration of computers for access to network

Whether you are moving to a new office or starting a brand new office, contact us and we will be there for you.

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For Business Software Installation and Setup

Here at Tapnet, we understand what business owners go through when they move or are just starting out. It is a massive effort to get the business off the ground and have everything in place. We are more than happy to offer our services during this difficult time. Our team of installation experts knows how to home in on what needs to be done first to set up the foundation for the rest of the setup and installation process. Some of the things we do are:

• Setup of backups
• Configuration of internet and network settings
• Installation of all business software
• Configuration of computer settings and network settings
• Setup of updates
• Integration of phones into computers

Those are just some of the things we offer as part of our setup and installation services for business and there is so much more.

Each of the services we offer can be requested on a standalone basis but we also offer them as part of affordable packages. If you want to know how much our services will cost, you may get a free quote here and we will get back to you ASAP.

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