Email Filtering

Email Filtering technology is the process where an email is initially delivered to an alternate destination to be checked for spam. The processing scanning an email and flagged as spam is very in depth. There are several layers to process each message and its contents. After the process is completed each message received a grade. The grade determines if the message is marked as spam, questionable and is quarantined or if it is passes and is accepted for delivery.

To filter email for an entire domain all email must first be setup to be redirected. This is done by setting the MX records on the DNS settings of the domain. This gives delivery instructions for the entire internet to which server email is sent. The spam filtering server then delivers messages to the mail server. There is no software to install, it is purely an instructional service. Servers are instructed on how to deliver email.

TAPNET spam filtering service scans messages looking for spam/junk and viruses in embedded links or file attachments. There are other spam filters that need to be installed on workstations, however with that method spam and viruses are already on the computer by the time the software finds them. By eliminating the spam and viruses from even into your network it minimizes the risks.

The entire process takes just fractions of a second to scan a message so the delivery times incur literally no lag on mail delivery. In fact, with less spam and viruses travelling through your internet connection mail delivery can actually be sped up.

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Email Archiving

Email Archiving technology is extremely simple and requires no software to install. Everything is managed through cloud technology. The process of archiving email is keeping a copy of messages as they pass through and are delivered to the final destination email server.

TAPNET cloud data centres provide unlimited email archival storage and retention thus eliminating the need to manage PST and archive files.

Email Archiving is a secondary service to email filtering. Email filtering is automatically applied to messages that are delivered and archived. It is a complementary service. By logging and saving a copy of email messages it creates an offsite storage of email.

Through our web portal each user can access their emails and perform a number of functions. Emails can be searched, quarantined messages can be marked as spam or for delivery as well, with Email Archiving messages can be marked for replay. The replay service will re-deliver any messages checked, a fantastic option for messages that have been accidentally deleted.
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Email Continuity

Email Continuity provides a perfect option for those critical times when mail servers experience down time. Continuity offers a 24/7 emergency inbox. If mail servers are completely down, use the web portal to access an online email client to send and receive messages. When email servers are back online email begins to flow back into your local inbox.

As well, messages are spooled online and our systems monitor when an email server begins to respond and accept messages again delivery of email returns. No email is missed. In most situations when email servers are down it is uncertain if messages are going to be missed. With Email Continuity no messages will be missed because our systems keep collecting email and will not discard messages.

Email servers will attempt to deliver email several times before giving up and sometimes send delivery failures back to the recipient. However by this time vital information you were waiting for can be delayed or missed costing loss of opportunities or other sensitive information is not received. Avoid the embarrasment of asking people to resend email.
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Additional User Features

Other Additional user features include Email Logs, Quarantine Reports, Spam Filter Settings and Email Policy Enforcement. Advanced technology to manage email messages, improve efficiency and minimize risk of virus infections.

Detailed email logs are available for User, Group and organisation level, with simple to understand full SMTP conversation history also available.
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Additional Admin Features

Admin features that make TAPNET Email Security a great choice for any organization or business that manages multiple clients domain. Each account can manage single or multiple domains. Each user has access to login to their own mailbox to review features, check quarantines, mark messages for spam or delivery as well with the Email Pro and Professional redeliver messages.

For organizations with ever changing mailboxes, simply enable LDAP and have mailbox accounts added automatically. Let TAPNET Email Security query mail servers and only deliver messages if a mailbox exists. Simplify admin management of synchronizing mailboxes.

Every account has access to email summary reports to see how many messages they are receiving versus spam and virus infected messages. Best of all, only pay for mailboxes that are active. Our system only bills for mailboxes when they exist and are active.
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