Business Data Backup and Storage Solutions

Here at Tapnet, we believe that backing up is just about the best thing you can do for your data, especially if you are running a business. Such data are essential to the venture after all and there really is no need to put yourself at risk in the event anything becomes corrupted or gets lost. We believe that protecting businesses should be in the forefront of priorities, hence we offer the best business data backup and storage solutions. We have made sure our data storage for businesses is comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use with features such as the following:


Foolproof & Offsite

If your employees travel, telecommute, and sometimes forget to connect to the server at the office. Our backup solutions for business are off-site and fool- proof; these are two of the most critical ingredients your business needs for secure backup. With our backup solutions, you can rest easy knowing your ever-dynamic digital data and assets are safe and sound.



We do not like to put limits on our customers especially when it comes to storing data. With our unlimited backup space offers, you no longer need to worry about prioritizing data or storage. You can store any and all data that you want and they will be backed up regularly as well.


Easy to Use

We like to keep things simple and effective and the same goes for our data storage for businesses. Our service is very easy to use, and after installation all you need to do is sign in with your email and password so you can gain access to all your files and other data.



Our business data backup service is very smart. Upon installation, all your data files are backed up first, then the program moves in to back up new or altered files as you work on them. To make things even simpler and more foolproof, our program backs up all of your data no matter the size and where it is stored.



Your employees will never have to worry about which files to back up and which ones to leave out and this is because they do not need to worry about storage space or the lack thereof. Our unlimited backup gets rid of extra-steps so you need not worry about forecasting the usage of your backup space.


Central Admin & Cost-efficient

You can budget as low as $50 per office computer and know that each and every file stored in that machine is safe and sound. Tapnet also offers a centralized admin for reports, licensing and setup, and billing so it is easy to gain access to everything and manage all accounts. You won’t find service of this calibre anywhere else!



Our backup service will optimize your internet connection. It will back up as quickly as your bandwidth allows it and it never slows down your internet speeds either.

Our backup services for businesses are top-of-the-line and precisely what your business needs. Get in touch with us today.

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