NAS Backup Setup Details?

Backing up the device is easy – simply open backup software control panel and add it from the TAPNET desktop backup software that is already running on their PC or Mac. Network drives are visible from My Computer, simply navigate to the drive and select folders to be backed up by placing a check in the box next to the appopriate folder.
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Connection Speed

NAS Backup Connection Speed?

Since NAS Backups are generally several Tera-Bytes, it is a good idea to increase the upload speed limit for the backup software. It is a good idea to also check with your ISP to determine what your connection speed limit is for uploads. It is not always the same as the download limit. Some ISPs offer 250Mbps (mega-bits per second) download but only 256Kbps (kilo-bits per second) upload speed. This can greatly impact the speed of initial backups for a large amount of data. We will use the ISP limit of 5Mbps Upload Maximum for the example. To do set the upload speed on the backup, follow these steps:

  • Open Backup Software Control Panel
  • Click On Bandwidth
  • Change Connection Speed drop menu to Custom
  • Set Upload Maximum Upload Bandwidth field to 5000
  • Increase Number of Connections to 12 (adjust if necessary)
  • Move the Upload Bandwidth Slider to a comfortable speed so as not to use up the entire bandwidth if sharing the internet connection with other computers.
  • Adjust these settings if internet speed appears congested or after the intial backup is completed.

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