NAS Backup Features

Backup any NAS device or network storage device. Backing up your NAS devices or Mapped Networkd Drives with our backup software – You can now select entire mapped network drives to add to your backups.

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Hassle Free

NAS Backup is Completely Hassle Free

TAPNET monitors your files as you work, and backs them up as soon as they are saved – so there’s no need to remember to back up.

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As Many TB As Needed…

Each Backup Package comes with 1 TB of data storage. Expand to additional devices or additional space any time. It doesn’t matter how many files you’ve got on your computer – we’ll back them all up! TAPNET backs up all hard drives and external drives on your computer.

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Unlimited Revisions Of Any File

TAPNET Cloud Backup software allows you to configure any number of revisions you require of your files, so that you can revert back to them at any time. Overwritten an important document? Edited a photo and wish you hadn’t? No problem because with TAPNET you can go back to previous versions with just a few clicks provided it was already backed up at least once.
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Easily Restore your Files

Download your files at any time from the web or restore files easily using our powerful TAPNET Cloud Backup software.
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Deleted files

Keep Copies Of Deleted Files

If you delete files on your computer by mistake you can easily restore them using TAPNET. Unlike competing products that remove deleted files from your backup, TAPNET Cloud Backup allows you to set any type of retention period you require so you can easily restore files if it was deleted.
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Operating system

Works Windows, Mac, QNAP or Synology

Whether you’ve got a PC or Mac TAPNET Backup Client works in exactly the same way. If you have a QNAP or Synology device you can install the client directly onto the device for faster and easier backup management.
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