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More Traffic Is Not Always The Answer!

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You Want More Customers?

TAPNET lead generation services provides the leverage that will out power any advertising budget. A system that promotes your website and produces unlimited leads.  This is not just advertising, this is your marketing plan. Get unlimited leads that turn into paying customers.  No click fraud and a bunch of traffic reports that just burns up your advertising budget. Find out if your website qualifies for our system by requesting a free marketing evaluation today!

Guaranteed Proven Results

How you found TAPNET is exactly how your customers will find you. TAPNET will increase website traffic that generates unlimited leads!  Stop worrying about how much you spent on ads yesterday. Let TAPNET lead generation services deliver traffic directly to your landing page. Use your own existing checkout process and traffic analytics.  No messy setup or need to add conversion code or scripts of any kind.  Use existing analytics software to report on your website traffic.

Save Money

No cost per click or per thousand visitors.  Get unlimited leads, new customers and more sales. Stop thinking that advertising costs 30% of the profit margin.  It’s one flat monthly fee.  Not every website qualifies for the TAPNET marketing plan.  Just like a car needs 4 wheels, an engine and fuel, your website has some basic requirements before it will work.  More traffic isn’t always the answer.  Get a free marketing evaluation today and find out if we can add your website to our network.


Free Marketing Evaluation

More website traffic is not always the answer.  Sometimes mass marketing can work.  If you tell 7 billion people about a product you might sell millions of anything. The budget to do that type of broadcast is reserved for global brands. Small and medium businesses with small advertising budgets need to be creative.  Select your niche and become the big fish in a small pond.  TAPNET lead generation services is the perfect solution for websites that are optimized and ready for their target market.  Let us evaluate if the TAPNET marketing plan will work for your website.  We only take on the clients that fit our model.


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