Is Free Web Hosting Really Free

is free web hosting really freeIn a world where everything seems to have skyrocketing prices and where nothing is free, you may be tempted to ask: “Is free web hosting really free?”

The simple answer to this question is that yes, there really are companies which offer free web hosting services and allow you to establish a website online which users from all over the world can access. The greatest come-on that they have is that they are “free,” and that alone is enough to entice start-up businesses and the likes to go for these services instead.

There are, however, setbacks when it comes to going for free web hosting services, which is why a lot of people tend to ask, “Is free web hosting really free?” when considering their options on having a website. Here are some of the most common setbacks when going for free vs. paid web hosting services:

Limited features – There are sometimes limited features which restrict how your overall website would look. Some allow only certain file types or sizes and this can affect the quality of the media you share.

Bandwidth limit – Some have limited bandwidth which affects how many people can visit your page on a given day or month. If you are expecting to have more traffic, this setback isn’t good for you. Some providers of web hosting services can expand your bandwidth limit—but at an additional cost. Of course, they are initially free, but upgrading will ultimately make their services much like paid web hosting. You can always just try to stay within the bandwidth limit they offer, but this negatively affects the growth of your website.

Advertisements – This is how free web hosting companies get their funds to run their business. They will post advertisements on your website and they can earn from every click that your website visitors give for those links. Purchases from your website also help them too.

Upgrades – When you are no longer contented with just the basic plan for web hosting services they offer, you will be offered upgrades—paid upgrades to give you more functionality for your website. This isn’t always true for all providers of free web hosting, but there are those who offer this when their clients decide they would like to continue using their services but with extra features.

Should You Go for Free Web hosting Services?

There is no harm in free web hosting services, and it is true that those that say they are free really are free. What changes the game is when upgrades come in and when you realize you need more than just what their free services have to offer. The saying that nothing in this world comes for free applies to them too, and although you can use their services for free for a while, you will have to consider expanding as you progress in the business as well.

Have you had personal experiences when it comes to using free web hosting? Share your stories in the comments below!