File Access

All of your files, wherever you are

With TAPNET it’s easy to backup all of your files online, and view them from any web browser. With the iPhone iPad App you can now access your all files on the move too, from your iPhone and iPad. Browse your files and folders just like you would when you’re in front of your PC or Mac – it’s that easy.
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View documents and photos on the move

With TAPNET you are never without your documents and pictures, and with the iPhone iPad App you can now view all of your Office, iWorks, PDF files and photos on your iPhone and iPad too. Browse photos by thumbnail, play slideshows and more
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Video Formats

Watch any video, in any format

If you’ve tried to import a video into iTunes then you’ll know that it needs to be in the right format first. With the iPhone iPad App you can play all of your videos, whatever their format, straight from your iPad and iPhone. The videos stream over 3G or Wi-Fi – even from DVD or Blu-ray quality video!
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Upload your photos and videos

Getting photos from your iPhone or iPad onto your computer can be a pain, and if you lose or damage your phone then they are lost forever. With the iPhone iPad App you can upload your images and videos to your iPhone iPad Briefcase with one touch.
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Export your files into other apps

With the iPhone iPad App you can send files straight into apps like Keynote to view and edit them. So even if you didn’t sync that important book or document to your iPhone or iPad before you left home, you can still retrieve it and edit it in seconds
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