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How To Write a Blog and Make Money

How to write a blog and knowing how to start a blog that makes money is the most desirable work from home opportunity. This article will discuss some tips on how to become a blogger and how to make money with a blog for beginners. Then briefly review how to make money with Wordpress in as little as 48 hours.

How To Become A Paid Blogger

Do you already have a blog that has been online for at least 6 months? Does it get crawled by Google and is getting organic web traffic? Then this is a great opportunity for you.  Submit your blog to the TAPNET Blog Network and start getting paid to blog.

Get Started As A TAPNET Blogger

Submit your blog to the TAPNET Blog Network and start making money blogging. While you are waiting, activate your affiliate link or by following the instructions here TAPNET affiliate. Add a banner or text link to your current web pages or blog to get familiar with TAPNET. Once your blog is reviewed and approved you will receive another email with instructions for your first blogging assignment.

Do You Want To Start a Blog and Make Money?

Blogs in the following niches get a lot more paid work in the TAPNET Blog Network. Are you new to blogging? Consider launching your blog in one of these high demand niches so you can start making money with your blog sooner.

Current Blog Niches That Make Money

Blogs in the following niches are high in demand.

  • Technology and Internet.
  • Business and Finance.
  • Sports and Nutrition.
  • Health and Fitness.
How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

Learning how to make money with a blog as a beginner can be very challenging. So you should get started and learn as quickly as you can. The best thing to do before you start anything is research. Definitely research the niche you will be blogging about and make sure it has a decent amount of web traffic. There are niches that monetize a blog better because of the products or services that you can market to the readers. Visitors that land on your blog article are much more likely to buy a product or service related to your article.  This makes relevant content the ideal match up with ads that produce higher conversions!

How To Make Money with Wordpress in 48 hours

Depending on your technical background you can be up in running within hours and have your first few posts published the same day. Get your application in to us now so we can start reviewing your blog and begin sending you paid work quickly. Depending on how quickly you can turn around a blog post request you can start getting paid as a blogger within 48 hours.

How To Monetize A Blog

In addition to getting paid to blog, there are other options to make money with a blog like running display or text ads. This be done easily by using Google Adsense or becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon has a feature called native shopping ads. By placing this script on your blog pages you can quickly display relevant ads on a blog post. You can see this implemented at the bottom of this page. The more relevant the ads the higher the conversion.

How To Write a Blog and Make Money Blogging

How to write a blog and make money blogging details will be provided after your blog is approved. Submit an application by clicking the link above to the submission form. Once your blog is approved you will receive further instructions via email.

Blog Requirements

Some of the details that we look for to approve your blog are as follows. The age of the blog, the number of published articles and the current ranking. In addition to these main criterias we need to also examine the quality of design and the quality of the existing articles. We want to ensure that our clients will order an article from your blog listing. If it is spammy or full of ads it will probably have low conversion so we must reserve a certain quality of standard to ensure bloggers earn good bonuses.

Affiliate Recurring Bonuses On All Referrals

Affiliate Banners Placement

At the end of each blog post you will add one of an affiliate banner to promote TAPNET. Get banners using the sample code snippets on affiliate banner pages such as this one here: TAPNET Online Backup Banners.

As you earn bonuses from blogging you will also earn referral commissions from banner and text ads. If a website visitor clicks on the ads on your blog and order a service you will make a recurring bonus. Every time they renew their services you get paid a bonus. This is a great opportunity just from posting banners on your blog.

Make Money Blogging as an Affiliate

There are many ways to make money blogging as an affiliate. High demand niches like technology and internet have affiliate programs that pay great commissions on referrals just like Online Backup Services. Targeted blog traffic can generate great referral bonuses because both the content and the ad are relevant to each other. Having relevant content to what you are marketing or promoting on your blog article will increase the click through rate and conversions. Start by blogging about cloud services, then become a TAPNET affiliate by clicking on here online backup affiliate program. TAPNET affiliate program pays recurring commission with online backup customers.  The TAPNET Affiliate program also has a revenue sharing model on all vendors listed so you can make money every month.

Need Help Setting Up A Wordpress Blog Site

If you are interested in starting a blog and need help with Wordpress Hosting and Installation we can help. Visit our Wordpress Hosting page and learn more about our Managed Wordpress Services.

We Are Here To Help

I am happy to answer any questions about getting started, reach out to me by visiting my contact page. I will be happy to look at what you are working to see how I can make help.

Need Help Getting Started?

You can hire TAPNET to help you get a domain name registered and setup web hosting as well as installing Wordpress. TAPNET has years of experience working with Wordpress making it very affordable for you to hire TAPNET.

How To Make Money

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