How to Recover a Hacked Email Account and Password Tips

Getting your email hacked may seem unthinkable especially since you have a password and everything to protect it. However, emails getting hacked are getting more and more common than you think. In fact, according to surveys, 3 in 4 Americans will get their accounts hacked and 90% of businesses will suffer from some sort of setback due to hacking. It is becoming a serious problem and it is a good idea to know not just how to prevent getting hacked but also how to recover a hacked email account. This way, you do not feel helpless and out of sorts. Just remember that if your email or accounts get hacked, you are not totally helpless and you can do something about it.

Steps to Follow

1) Access your account. The first thing you need to do is go to the website of the email provider and log into your email account so you can assess the damage. You may encounter a problem if your password was changed so what you can do is to click on the “forgotten password” or other similar links.

Once you get into your email account, change your password immediately. Make sure that this time your chosen password is long and strong with numbers and special characters. Try not to use real words since they are easy to figure out.

2) Check other accounts. After you are done changing the password for your email, check your other accounts which use the same password as the one that was hacked and see if they are still intact. If you used your email address as the username or those accounts then it becomes even more important for you to change the password.  You can also check your email inbox or trash folder for signs that the hacker might have tried to hack other accounts.

3) Look for spam. Nobody really likes getting spam mail since those things are a pain in the neck. However, some hackers will get your account just so they can raid your contacts lists and send spam to your friends and other people in your contacts lists. They will then send spam or phishing emails so they can trick them into thinking you need help and money from them. Think of the Nigerian Prince email scam. Granted, it is quite tricky to check if your account was used for such a scam so just check your inbox for suspicious replies so you can target people who were victimized.

4) Sort your applications. Once you are done securing your hacked email and it is yours once more, your next move is to check apps which use the compromised password. Even if they have not been compromised themselves, it is a good idea to change passwords anyway just so you can err on the side of caution.

Password Tips

1) Try not to use real words as your password for your email and other accounts.

2) Never use a password twice.

3) Make your passwords nearly hack-proof by ensuring that you use numbers, special characters, and uppercase letters as well. 

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