How to Expand Dropbox Storage Space for Free

how to expand Dropbox storage So you have finally decided to get in on the cloud storage bandwagon and after a few weeks of looking for the best cloud storage service, you decide on Dropbox. This is a great choice because not only does Dropbox offer free accounts but it also has a simple yet intuitive design that makes it a pleasure to use. Add to that is the fact that you can use Dropbox across a variety of operating systems and devices and you have a cloud storage service that is near perfect. There is just that minor matter of a minuscule 2GB storage space limits for free accounts.

2GB is not nearly enough space to store all your files and data and it can be a bit disappointing. Sure, you can always go for a paid account and get tons more space but what’s the fun in that? You have to know that you can actually learn how to expand Dropbox storage space and not have to spend any money. It can be done, it has been done, and you can do it too without even having to shell out cash.

Get more free space – You already have the desktop icon of your Dropbox account and that is fine. But if you really want to get more space and not have to spend a cent, what you need to do is visit your Dropbox account online. On the upper right corner of the screen you will find a gift icon and a link that says “Get Free Space.” Once you click on the link, Dropbox will actually show you the many different ways you can add extra space to your storage limit.

Refer a friend – With this option, you stand to expand your Dropbox limit to 16GB! However, you only get 500MB for every friend that you refer. While it is the easiest way to get a whopping 16GB of space, it might take some time for you to actually get friends into Dropbox so you can try other ways to expand space while you wait for them to sign up for Dropbox accounts.

Connect Facebook – Do you have a Facebook account? If the answer is “yes,” then simply by linking your Dropbox account to your Facebook can actually get you an extra 125MB of space for free! All it takes is a few clicks and a few seconds and that extra space will automatically be credited to your account.

Connect Twitter – This is another fun and effortless way to get another 125MB free space added to your account. All you need to do is connect your Dropbox account to your Twitter, send a tweet inviting your friends to give Dropbox a try, and you automatically get 125MB of space on your account. It is so simple that it would seem like they are practically giving free space away.

Do you use Dropbox? Do you have any other suggestions on how to get extra space in your free account? Do let us know what you did in the comments section below.