How to Choose the Best Online Backup Provider

Everybody knows how convenient online backup truly is. Just the thought of not having to use external devices to your computers just to copy every piece of information there is enough to come to a conclusion that backing up your data online truly is a huge leap for information technology. Now, all that it takes is making the right choice when it comes to your online backup provider, and you’re all set.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best online backup services for you:


As with anything else that you purchase, the price is always one of the first things you look at when it comes to choosing your service provider. Some people go for the service that asks for a higher price, thinking that this equates to higher quality. Some people go for the lower price, thinking that this would be better on their budget. But these are not always reliable. Always look at who’s going to give you more value for your money based on other things on this list.


What does each package include? Some packages give you specific amounts of data, while some could give you plans that are based on how many computers you are planning to backup. You can also check out unlimited packages. Take note of these as some packages may seem cheaper, but actually do not give you as much storage room as compared to more expensive ones.


What type of security do they use to protect your data? Do they apply the usual encryptions, or do they have layer upon layer of added security that no online ninja could go through? Remember that added security is always a great investment, and this is no time for you to tighten your grip around that budget. Especially if the data you want them to handle is extremely sensitive, you’ll need state of the art security that no ordinary hacker can breach.


Yes, they may have advertised that they’re the best online backup service around. But if they show a long history of security breaches and compromised data, then there’s definitely something wrong. Check out reviews for each of the providers you’re considering and ask people within your network for recommendations as well. Even the best advertising strategies will not really be as reliable as the experience that past clients have had.

Customer Service.

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider in choosing your provider. No matter how great the company is, if they disappear on you the moment you start encountering problems, then they’re definitely not worth your time. Find out what channels of communication they utilize and check if 24/7 support is included with your package. Try asking them a question or two while you’re still in the process of deciding and see how they respond.

Remember that your choice of online backup providers could make or break your business. Decide on who the best online backup service provider is once you have fully considered each of the items on this checklist.