How to Backup Online

In today’s digital world, what each of us needs is a backup — and no, we’re not talking about “security guard” type of backup. Well, maybe it can mean the same thing, but more like for your computer. Besides, no one is really 100% safe or fool-proof these days when we talk about online security. Throughout the years, the most famous approach when it comes to backing up your files is by the use of a cloud. There are numerous companies now offering their services on how to backup online safely and efficiently.

Who Can Use This Type of Service?

Learning about how to backup online files should be our top priority. Just like what was mentioned earlier, everyone is at risk when it comes to internet security. If some hackers are now able to access even the most private websites of government agencies, shouldn’t you be concerned about your files as well?

What and How Exactly Does It Work?

Think of a cloud as an alternative way of backing up your files using a hard drive. If you go for backing up your files locally (that is, using a hard drive,) you would need another piece of hardware available to be able to do the job and also, it may really be time-consuming. A cloud works by a technology called “SSL encryption.” SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer encryption, and this technology is used mainly for safe and reliable web connections. It makes sure that before your files even go online, it has already been encrypted into your hard drive.

Where Can I Purchase this Kind of Service?

For over the past few years, the development of the cloud has been overwhelming. Just like what was mentioned earlier, there are now countless service providers who offer this kind of support, and they can be found either online or in any of their accredited stores. To name a few, there is Backblaze, Carbonite, and CrashPlan. Each one of them has their own pros and cons, so it all falls down to your needs in choosing the right provider.

When Should I Purchase a Backup?

You should consider having a backup as soon as possible. In fact, the very moment you purchase your computer, you already should have backup. It is also important to bear in mind that you alone, and not the server, have the “key” to these files. So unless you use this “key” to view these files, they are completely safe.

Why Do I Need to Spend Extra Money Again?

Think of it this way: it’s not about wasting money. It’s about being smart. Companies with these kinds of programs offer their services at a very reasonable price.  Aside from the competition in the market, these companies know how frustrating it can be to have the most secure file taken away from you.

How about you? What are your thoughts on this kind of service? Are you a user of the cloud yourself? Let us know! Go ahead and share your experiences below!

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