How Secure Is TAPNET Online Storage?

One of the biggest fears people have about using online storage is that it’s not safe. They worry their information will be collected by hackers and used to steal identities or to bother clients with unwanted mail or phone calls. It can be quite scary to decide to have a company hold on to all of your sensitive information.

At TAPNET, we want you to know we take security seriously. We know you are trusting us to make sure all of the information you upload to our servers is protected. That’s why we only use the latest security measures for our servers. We are constantly updating and upgrading, so we stay one step ahead of hackers.

The Nitty Gritty of Our Security

When we say we have secure servers, we are saying we have military grade security. Yes, we use 256-Bit military grade encryption. Now, if the military uses it, you know it has to be secure.

When you send the server information, it is encrypted, which means it’s coded. This coding happens in the software that’s on your computer. So, just as the information is secure on your computer, it is carried over to our server just as securely with the encryption.

What This All Means

Let’s put it this way. The last time a code was hacked, which means the encryption was decoded and the hacker could see what the information was, happened because a computer typed in 92 billion keys each second. While this seems as though it’s a lot, AES is much faster. It’s 2,128 faster. Going from 92 to 2,128 is a lot and just about impossible. Computers would have to run a million times faster if they were to figure that out, and they would need about 65 trillion years. We don’t believe any current users of our servers will ever see that happen. What about you?

There’s no doubt we have the best security measures installed on our servers. It’s our commitment to our clients and to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you with an online backup system that is dependable, fast, and 100% secure.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: carlosluz

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