How Does an Online Backup Service Work?

Online backup, also known as remote backup or off-site data backup, is the method of storing the files and data from your computer’s hard drive (photos, digital music and a variety of documents) via the internet using a third party online backup provider. It’s a distinct online service that lets you backup and automatically restores all the files kept on your system. With online file backup, you can:


• Encrypt all your files and data securely.

• Automatically backup the data online day and night.

• Restore all data you saved in the past, regardless of when you kept the file.

• Continue working on documents offline if the server is down for any reason.

• Carry on sending and receiving messages using the provider’s backup server if your own network is down.

The principle behind online data backup is simple: by regularly or continuously backing up data on a remote hard drive, the possibility of catastrophic loss due to fire, theft, data corruption, or other destruction is virtually eliminated. With a high-speed web connection and a browser interface, the off-site and folders seem like they are stored in an external local hard drive. File encryption and password protection make it possible to guarantee privacy and security.

How Do Online Backup Services Work?

A reliable online backup provider allows you to download and install a small computer program on your computer or other mobile device. This application enables you to select which files you want to backup and setup automated scheduled backups of your files.

Initial setup – The first time you use a remote backup service normally takes a number of hours (or in some cases, days) to scan and backup all of the files in your computer’s hard drive. However, when that initial setup is done, the online data backup service will only need to backup new or revised files. This usually only takes minutes if you schedule your automatic backups to happen regularly.

No connection problem – In general, you shouldn’t notice a change in your net connection speed during uploads, particularly if your large initial upload is already done and you’re just doing normal web surfing, video viewing, or music streaming. Remember, after the first upload of your data, the software just watches for modifications and additions to files and locations and then uploads the adjustments. The whole of your chosen data isn’t continually being backed up.

An online backup provider has advanced bandwidth control choices that allow you to restrict upload rates to specific levels and options to only back up when you’re not using your computer or device.
Security Level – Off-site backup services use similar security measures that financial institutions utilize to secure sensitive data. Therefore, the data you store with an online backup service is as protected as your bank or credit card account information.

Understanding how off-site backup works can greatly influence you to decide if you need this kind of service or not. With the aforementioned facts about remote backup, don’t you think it’s high time that you try storing your files through online backup?

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