How Do You Choose an Online Backup Provider?

It’s tough, having to maintain a number of files that you use not only personally, but for your business as well. You would have to worry not only about making sure that you have copies stored somewhere in case anyone deletes an important file accidentally, but you would also have to guard yourself against data theft and other risks.

Because of this, choosing a suitable online backup provider should not be taken lightly. It is a process that should take time and careful consideration.

Here are the most important things you should be checking on before deciding on a specific online backup provider.

1. Data Transfer Rates

Especially if you have a huge amount of data to be backed up, you can’t afford to choose a provider who takes forever to take care of the entire process. Check on their data transfer rates and make sure they can back up and secure your files the fastest possible time.

2. Security

A lot of your files probably contain information that you wouldn’t share with just anybody, so you would have to make sure of the data encryption methods and SSL connections that the provider uses.

3. Data Retention

Find out what data retention policies the provider has in place. There may be a few instances where you encounter billing issues, or fail to notice that your contract is almost over. Find out what happens to your files before that happens.

4. Data Retrieval

Sure, it takes the provider a short time to back your files up. But how long would it take for you to get them back in case you lose the copies in your own machine?

5. Price

Of course, budget would always have to be a huge consideration here. Are their pricing plans too expensive, or just right? Do they offer convenient payment options?

Choosing the right online backup provider may take some time, but all the time you spend comparing your options is more than worth it once you experience the best possible service that you can get from the one you choose in the end.

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