How can I backup my data online for free?

How can I backup my data online for free
How can I backup my data online for free?

Top question that everyone asks, how can I backup my data online for free? Today we will take a deeper dive into the top 5 questions about online backup. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to backup data online, where files are stored, what exactly is meant by online backup and if online backup is the most secure way to backup files.

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Were can I backup my files online?

There are many tech companies offering online backup now, but many of them use the mega data centers to store your data such as Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS. There are many other smaller local data centers that are sufficient and follow the best practices for data protection and security. While these main data centers are the best, they are not always that easy to navigate to complete online backup of data. Usually there will be a need for a local backup client software that needs to be installed on the device that then communicates to synchronize to the storage server in the data center. Devices are now being sold with the main storage software products pre-installed so all that is required is to login and the backup of the data starts automatically. This can also be challenging until you navigate the software or have a need to restore a file that is lost or corrupted locally. There is a big advantage at times to work with a service provider like TAPNET in these cases where quick 24/7 tech support is available to help since the larger organizations that build and maintain the data centers are not available for this level of support.

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What do you mean by online backup?

The main buzz word that everyone has heard now is cloud storage. While the servers are not actually stored in the clouds, although that might be more interesting, the cloud really means a cluster of servers inter-connected across many locations. While cloud storage sounds like a good place to backup files, it is actually just like using an external drive or memory stick but located somewhere else that is only accessible via an internet connection and a device with the software to retrieve the files from those servers.

What is the most secure way to backup files?

For individuals or small and medium businesses, we always recommend to start with a local backup. This could be different for everyone depending on the type of data being stored. For example, photographers might be storing images from photoshoots which would be very difficult to recreate if they were lost. Gone are the days where everything is printed including pictures. Everyone relies so much on digital files now for everything that the first and main priority is finding a secure way to backup files. Local backups like external drives or even NAS devices that have built in redundancy can be very useful to ensure the files are stored and secure should something occur to the main copy. These are only as good as the most recent backup, so it is important that this backup is secure and reliable. TAPNET backup software allows you to create a Hybrid backup where the primary backup is copied to a local device such as external drive and then synchronized to a cloud based data center. An off-site backup is a great place for a 2nd copy in case the primary local backup suffers a loss via corruption, hardware failure or worse fire or theft. Placing the primary copy of the backup in a secure place where it is safe from these disasters is and should be part of your plan to keep your important files secure.

Is online backup secure?

Online backup security has evolved where by every bit of data that moves between your device and a cloud based data center can be encrypted and can even be stored with encryption where if the key is lost, no one can retrieve the data. At least not in any usuable format other than squiggly characters that humans cannot decipher. There is definetly more reason to feeling that using cloud based data will make online backup secure enough. Of course if the data is so sensitive that it shouldn’t even be exposed to the equipment then perhaps online isn’t a good place to backup. A carefully planned disaster recovery should be performed to determined the ideal solution. TAPNET is available for consultations to help determine the best backup solution for your data.

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