How Can an Online Backup Company Offer Unlimited Backup

You’ve heard the claims, and you may be skeptical of what companies really mean by unlimited backup services. At TAPNET, we want to give you the truth about unlimited backup.

First of all, we offer unlimited backup services. Why? Because it suits many of our customers’ needs. When they are looking for a way to back up their entire computer system, they take great comfort in knowing they don’t ever have to worry about running out of room.

Many customers jump at the chance to take advantage of the unlimited plan because they don’t want to deal with choosing a larger plan later down the road. They know they accumulate large amounts of data, and they don’t want to have stop every so often to make sure they have enough space.

While it suits customers just fine, you may be wondering how a company like us can offer unlimited backup. We work with servers that have enormous capacities and they are growing every day. The servers keep up with the demand and always will because they are regularly being assessed and upgraded.

We make money off the plans people buy that don’t use them all up. It’s not necessarily from those that buy the unlimited plans. It’s those that buy the smaller ones, but only use a quarter of it.

Online backup is still important to them because they need the space to save their data. However, they can’t get a smaller plan because they either already have the smallest one or they have more data than the smaller one can hold, so they need the next one up.

In any case, buying the unlimited plan still suits you better because you have more than the largest plan underneath the unlimited one. You don’t have to worry about losing money because you have enough to justify the unlimited backup plan.

To take advantage of an unlimited backup plan, contact TAPNET today. We will set you up, help you with installing the software, and get you started with backing up your systems. It takes much less time than you think, which will come as a great relief.

Image courtesy of arztsamui from Free Digital Photos