What are Green Web Hosting Companies?

green web hosting companiesAre you one of those environmentally conscious website owners that always wonder how else you can reduce your carbon footprint? You may already be involved in environmentally friendly activities off the internet but why not take things a step further and go green online as well. A lot of you may wonder how this can be done but with the help of green web hosting companies, it is easier than you think.

Whether you already have a website or looking to put one up in the near future, green web hosting may be the best option for you. Green web hosting companies offer you a solution that is akin to what typical web hosts has to offer but with one major difference – the server or hosting plan where your data, PHP, content, scripts, etc. are saved is powered by renewable energy sources.  What this means is that whether you choose to buy a cloud server, a dedicated server, or any other available server plans, the power used to run those services will come from solar power, hydro power, and the like.

How Green Web Hosting Companies Affect the Environment

The biggest attraction offered by green web hosting companies is that they are “environmentally-friendly” or at least they are in relation to non-green web hosting companies. Websites have to be up 24/7 which means that servers used to power your websites have to be running around the clock as well. The emissions and heat expelled by the continuously running power can pose serious dangers.

On the other hand, green web hosting is specially designed to be as efficient as possible and conserve as much energy as possible without sacrificing quality of service. Most companies that offer green web hosting actually generate their own power but there are some who are unable to do so and opt for the Renewable Energy Certificates instead. These certificates allow them to make use of the energy that comes from renewable sources.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits for businesses – Green web hosts allow businesses to do their part in saving the environment but do you know that using green web hosts will actually boost your online reputation? Why, simply advertising that you are using a green web host can attract more customers and improve your social acceptance.  You can also use your going-green ideals as part of your marketing tactics.

Save on Costs – Try to look for nonprofit organizations or environmentally conscious companies in your area that offer various incentives and rebates for going green. Let them know that you are doing your part to save the environment by taking the time to sign up with a green web host. Most of the time they will share the costs with you and if you are a start-up, the sharing hosts are especially high.

The Final Word

Simply by embracing green web hosting, you can elevate your status in the Internet world and you can also leave an eco-friendly mark on all your customers. Switching to green web hosting is a win-win solution and is advisable for businesses.