Getting Back Deleted Files

ID-10091691You delete a file you need. It’s happened to all of us. You’re on a roll managing your files, and you get a little carried away. The next thing you know, you’ve hit the delete button and click ‘Yes’ to delete it permanently.

Oh no…Wait a minute, you needed that file.

You frantically check the Recycle Bin, and there’s nothing in there.

You do a search for the file using the search function on your computer. It won’t come up.

You swear.

What to Do Now and Later

It’s true – it’s completely gone.

There’s not much you can do about that now. You can do something later if it happens again though.

Online Backup Services to Get Back Deleted Files

Now, if you had online backup services, you could easily go on the server to retrieve the deleted file.

So, oops, you deleted a file permanently, but that doesn’t mean it deletes it from the backup service you’ve invested in. That file is securely on the server for 30 days.

That means that if you delete a file, go looking for it a week later, and realize you deleted it, you can just go to the server and bring it back to your computer. It takes only a matter of less than a minute.

Let’s say you don’t think you deleted a file, but you can’t find it, no matter what you try. That’s no problem. You can search for it online, and find it with no trouble.

What If You Can’t Find a File Using TAPNET’s Service?

If you have trouble finding a file while a TAPNET customer, you can call our quality customer service line for help. We can help you find the file you need, whether it be on the server or on your computer. You’ll receive that bonus with TAPNET.

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