Get Creative and Make Use of Cloud Computing

use of cloud computingIt is safe to say that with all the buzz going on about cloud computing , you already know what it is for and how businesses and private users make use of cloud computing.  It is indeed very useful but do you know that aside from using the cloud to cut back on costs and store files there are other, more creative ways to make use of cloud computing? The cloud is not a one-trick pony and if you really want to maximize the use of this wonderful new technology below are some of the most creative ways to utilize cloud technology.

Use the cloud to play videos – Gone are the days when you need to rely on YouTube and Vimeo to play videos on your site. You can now use customizable cloud-based players that have all the video functions you need and none of the things that you do not such as logos and restrictions.

Offer bids and proposals – You can use the cloud to set up a dedicated web page or directory that your clients can use. When you cannot pay them a visit the next best thing you can do is give them a call and have a proposal that you can edit and discuss as you talk. This is just about the most efficient way to handle bids and proposals.

Printing and scanning – Try to imagine yourself as a sales rep and you need to enter an order that you have to pack and ship. As a sales rep, you can use the cloud to send receipts and orders to warehouses and offices where they are needed and you can do it in a jiffy, too.

Jukebox – This is a more personal use of the cloud but it is extremely fun and out of the box.  You see, the cloud is indeed quite limitless and some geniuses have come up with a way to make use of it as their own personal jukebox. You can easily store music on the cloud and listen to your collection anytime you want and anywhere you are as long as you have access to your account.

Record your thoughts – Think of the cloud as your own personal notepad but fancier and more thorough. You can record your thoughts, ideas, and schemes using cloud storage apps so you can access what you need at any time, and because the cloud has limitless storage capacities you do not have to worry about deleting information.

Creating slideshows – With the cloud you no longer have to go through the task of manually attaching photos to your emails. Most cloud systems allow you to create attractive albums of your photos and all you need to do is upload them to a designated folder, share, and you are done.

As you can see, there is indeed more to the cloud than meets the eye. If you want to make use of cloud storage and maximize its use then these are just some of the things you can do. Give them a try and see if you cannot come up with any more ways to take advantage of the cloud.