Is Free Web Hosting For You?

free web hosting

Web hosting is one of the most important functions in today’s technology. Basically, web hosting keeps a website up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With operations running 24/7, you need the ability to monitor everything that happens on a website all the time in the same way that you would be able to stay on top of things for every small issue that occurs. You also need special equipment running the entire time you are operational, such as web servers and the like. Not to mention the fact that you need a skilled workforce to be able to cover all 24 hours in a day. The members of your team would need knowledge in managing and configuring web servers, as well as additional skills such as patch management and virus protection.

Simply put, web hosting is not a task that you can do alone. This is something that is often left for experts to do as web hosting providers would have the necessary manpower and equipment required to do the job.

Free Web Hosting

As expected for a service this complicated, there’s a cost to have it. The price would depend on how wide the scope of the provider’s services would be. For bigger websites that cater to a bigger audience, it would of course be expected that the costs would also be higher. For small scale pages however, there are more cost-effective services that would fit your budget better.

Some web hosting providers actually offer free hosting for interested clients. Of course, it is to be expected that free service also comes with less inclusions in the package as compared to paid services.

Confused if you’re better off with a paid service? Let’s go through this checklist:

1)  Are you looking to have a simple blog or a very small scale website hosted? Usually, websites this small do not bring back any profit just yet, nor will it require a lot of extra services from the service provider. If the project will not require the fancy stuff that usually comes with a paid web hosting service, then might as well cut back on costs and go for free web hosting services instead.

2)  Are you thinking twice about the quality of service that the provider will be giving? Those who want to be extra careful in choosing where their investment goes could use free services as well. This is the perfect opportunity to test the quality of service that a provider gives without running up additional costs. After all, most free hosting providers offer their clients the opportunity to easily upgrade their free services to paid packages. So you can make the decision to go for the paid bundle once you are convinced that they can provide what you need.

Free web hosting may not be for everyone, but it sure opens up a lot of opportunities for the ones who could use it. With the option to cut down on costs in getting basic services, going for free hosting may just be the best solution for your website issues.