What are Free User-Friendly Web Hosting Service Providers?

web hosting service providersWeb hosting has become a pertinent part of building businesses and professional profiles, especially if you aim to make your target market’s online experience as seamless as possible. Because staying within your budget is also a big part of your strategy, going for free user-friendly web hosting service providers is usually your best bet. Choosing the right web host for your business or profile, free or paid, is always a priority. Here are a few providers that still offer the best quality despite the free service:


– With over 12 million people using this platform, it is evident how effective their services are. The system is very easy to use, with over a hundred themes that you can use to fit your business’s image.


– The interesting name is part of their commitment to their users. The three zeroes stand for their promise of zero hidden costs, zero unwanted advertisements, and zero restrictions under their terms. With a track record of having a 99.9% uptime rate in the past five years or so, it is no longer a surprise that the number of users have steadily increased.


– A web host provider for over five years, Freehostia also guarantees 99.9% uptime. Their round-the-clock support team ensures that any issues are addressed right away, helping you cater to your market 24/7.


– 5GBfree does not ask for any commitment, which means that you are free to test the service and quit anytime you feel that it is not for you. This makes it the perfect platform to use for those who are still in the process of shopping around for the perfect provider that could provide their needs. With 20GB of disk space absolutely free, bundled with PHP scripting and three MySQL databases, it is definitely a package worth trying.


– FreeHosting.com features hassle-free tools that could help you organize and design your website the way you want it, without the costs that usually go with it. Other services that they offer are FTP, PHP5, PYTHON, CGI, MySQL, ROR, File Manager and CRON.


– Wix started in Tel Aviv, but its following has grown to having 30,000 new users on a daily basis, hosting over 26 million websites. With these numbers, they are definitely a provider tested for their efficiency and excellent customer support.


– If you are looking to join the .edu niche, EDUBlogs is definitely for you. Hosting over 1.6 million blogs for educators and students, their experience in the field since 2005 has proven to be a plus. With Stanford and Cornell among their clients, their services are definitely among the best.


– Webs.com makes it so easy for those without any technical background to build their own website. Their drag and drop website templates make it hassle-free to work with a design you are most comfortable with. The live chat support also ensures that you are never left without any help.

With these eight user-friendly web hosting service providers, you can start building an effective website that would help you reach out to your target market while saving you from worries about costs.

Have you tried any of these free web hosts? How did it work for you? Share your experiences in the comments!

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