Which Free Cloud Storage Providers Should You Choose?

The use of cloud storage is spreading like wildfire these days what with more and more services popping each and every day. Whether you have important files and photos to store or if you just want a way to access your files across all devices, there is no denying that the cloud is more than up to the task of doing so.

That said the immense number of cloud services that are available these days can make it confusing for beginners to choose the service that is right for them. Sure, it helps that there is a lot to choose from but it can also be confusing especially if you do not know the first thing about choosing a cloud service. Just like anything else, there are good cloud services and then there are bad ones. Here is a list of the best free cloud storage providers and what they can offer you:

Google Drive – This service was released just two years ago in April 2012. Many people have debated on whether to make the move or just stick to their old cloud services. But one way to know for sure is for you to answer this question: are you an avid user of Google products? If the answer is “yes” then this is the service for you since it automatically integrates all of your Google accounts.  You can get free storage of up to 5GB but if that is not enough, you may also pay $29.88 per year for 20GB or $59.00 for 100GB.

Dropbox – This has got to be one of the most popular cloud storage services ever and it is all thanks to its intuitive design and simplicity.  You can do a lot of things with the use of Dropbox and this includes sharing files with the public and inviting friends over Facebook to share files. Signing up for a Dropbox account is free and you get an initial 2GB of storage space. If that is too small for you, fret not because you can expand your free space to up to 18GB. However, you can get 50GB instantly by paying $99 per year or 100GB for $199 a year.

Apple iCloud – For those that are already using Apple devices and using the recent iOS version, you would have probably gotten a request to set up your account on iCloud. Just like the Google cloud service, this iCloud is deeply integrated into the iOS and its functions. When you sign up for this, you can even get iTunes for free. When signing up for the iCloud you get 5GB of space for free. Paid accounts cost $40 per year for 20BG and $100 per year for 50GB.

Microsoft SkyDrive – Not a fan of Apple? Not a problem! You can still make use of the Microsoft SkyDrive. This cloud service allows you to access remote file as well as create documents using MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  It also lets you share files and edit them when needed. You can get a free account that comes with 7GB of storage or you can pay $10 per year for 20GB and $50 for 100GB.

Do these services make you rethink your current Cloud Service? Share your thoughts below.

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