Website Setup and Managed Support

Tapnet knows its way around websites and we want to use this knowledge to be of help to you and your business. We made sure that we gathered only the very best website experts to be part of our website setup and managed support team so that we can deliver only the very best services to you.

We do not joke around when it comes to our website setup and our website support services. We understand that websites are very important to businesses and the way we look at it, your success is our success so we do our very best to deliver only the best. You will not regret coming to us for your website needs because we will not give you any reason to! So if your website looks like you spent 30 minutes making it with a web builder program then you most definitely need our help.


Website Setup Services

We have hired a team of expert website designers who know all the ins and outs of building websites for all sorts of business. Our team will make sure that your website mirrors your business ethics and gets people to not just visit but also to buy. We ensure that the websites we set up for you do not only look good but are also SEO-friendly and secure.

We offer several packages to suit all sorts of budgets and all sorts of business needs. Our basic setup package already offers you a fully functional and beautiful website that is SEO-friendly and also comes with video training tools. If you want your website to truly stand out, we offer a more comprehensive package that you can customize to your taste.

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Website Support Services

Here at Tapnet, we know that our duty doesn’t stop at just setting up your website because we know that all good websites need support if they are to stay in tiptop shape. When you come to us for your website needs and support, we make sure that our team is ready to help you out whenever you have a need for us. Our team members are equipped with the necessary skills to solve any type of website problem that might pop up. The great thing about our team is that they are ready whenever, wherever. That said, these guys will be ready to not only help you in times of website trouble but also when you want to upgrade your website and make changes.

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Single Services and Packages

You can order our website support and website setup services a la carte or you can order them as part of a package so you no longer have to worry about the state and upkeep of your website. If you want to make sure that your website is as good as it can be and does everything you need it to do while still maintaining its good looks, then you need us to help you out.

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