Website Setup and Managed Support

TAPNET is an expert when it comes to making its way around different websites and we use our knowledge to help set up business websites for our clients. We make sure that we have only the best website experts as part of our team who handles website setup and managed support. Have a look at our website setup and managed support services.

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IT Technical Support and Maintenance

Here at TAPNET, we believe that good IT infrastructure is nothing without the benefits of excellent IT technical support and maintenance. Luckily, we have a team of dedicated and skilled IT technicians that are willing and ready to work on your IT infrastructure anytime you call. We promise you convenience, excellence, ease, and value for your money.

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On-Site IT Services

Our on-site IT services is everything you could ask for and more. We have a dedicated team of experts and consultants you can turn to when you need IT services. We offer all our clients standalone services but we also have IT packages for extremely reasonable rates. All our engineers and It experts are hand-picked to ensure they are the best of the best and they are all ready to work for you.

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Printers and Faxes Installation Setup

Here at TAPNET, we know that nothing is as simple as it seems and even the very task of setting up printers and faxes in an office can challenge even the most techno-savvy office worker. We are not just techno-savvy – we are techno and installation experts and we will make sure your printers and faxes are correctly installed and connected to your office network.

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Business Data and Backup Storage Solutions

We here at TAPNET urge everyone to back up their business data for the reason that it is one way to secure your businesses. It is for this reason why we offer you our top-of-the-line business data and backup solutions! Our storage servers are kept in secure, off-shore sights but can be accessed by you and your office workers from any location in the world. We have taken great pains to make our business data and backup storage solutions comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use.

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Office Computer Network Installation and Setup

Installing and setting up computers in an office can be a nightmare but TAPNET can take all that away! Our team of experts work around the clock and have the technical know-how to install and set up computers in offices no matter how big or small. Whether you are adding new computers to your office or just installing and setting up all new computers, give is a call and we will lend you a hand.

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Office and Business Software Install and Setup

We understand that time is money in business and we are eager to help you with yours. We understand that setting up a business office can be a drag especially when it comes to installing business software and that is why we are here to help. Our team will have your software installed and setup in no time so you can do want matters the most – do business!

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These are just some of the services we offer and there are so many more. All these were developed to meet all the needs of our clients and ensure that TAPNET becomes a one-stop shop for all computer setup, installation, maintenance needs and more. We ensure that only the very best engineers and IT experts are sent out to handle your requests and that they deliver only the best service and best results.

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