On-Site Service Location

As part of our thrust to better serve the needs of our clients and customers, TAPNET offers onsite services to our clients. What this means is that our team of experts will schedule a visit to the on-site service location and get to work on the task requested by the client. We try our very best to deliver only excellent services and this is why we request that our clients take a close look at the services we provide so we can prep our team and they would know what to do right when they get to the site.

Our team of rapid response expert IT engineers is always just a phone call way in case of emergencies so you know that whenever you call, the person that will go to you is an expert and will always have a solution for your problem. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of help for your MS or Linux servers, or perhaps with your Cisco equipment – our engineers have you covered.

We here at TAPNET are extremely proud of our on-site services and we are constantly working to improve it to better serve our customers. As for the present, we would like to inform all our clients that the on-site service location where we have presence are the following places in Canada:

• Edmonton and nearby areas
• Alberta

We are working on adding more locations where we can offer our on-site IT expertise so please do watch out for that as we will be coming to your area in the near future.

Our on-site services can be acquired on an as-needed basis, or companies always have the option of incorporating them into a fool-proof IT managed service plan that TAPNET also offers. With TAPNET, you are assured that your interests are always on our minds.
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