Control your file sharing and collaboration

Create and manage your company’s cloud:
Free public cloud sync services undermine the IT departments’ ability to manage security consistently within a large organization. By instituting a private cloud, the IT department will be aware of the architecture of a virtualized environment.


Localized Data Storage’s security doesn’t stop at
encryption: Put IT managers in control of your data

Control the tools you use: Localized Data Storage empowers and enables IT managers to take control of who accesses a document or folder, who can share, and who can preview each file. IT managers can set up initial rules and modify them as corporate needs change.

Control usage and permissions: Department managers can use the permissions, monitoring, and reporting flexibility of the private cloud to observe employee behavior and improve productivity.


Accurate Audit Reporting

While government compliance regulations may vary by industry, audit reports are a common requirement. Creating an online collaboration environment with software that allows for audit trail reporting allows IT departments to avoid the stealth cloud and implement regular reporting rules.



Support Single Sign-on Through LDAP Integration

Keeping login credentials in one, manageable location, improves organizational security – particularly in enterprises with employees in geographically disparate locations. An online collaboration environment with software that allows for audit trail reporting allows IT departments to avoid the lack of security borne from free sync and share solutions, while implementing regular reporting rules.


Make collaboration accessible to your entire organization

Localized Data Storage makes collaboration work: Groupware doesn’t have to be limited to a specific department or identified as a solution to improve the productivity of individuals in unique roles. Collaboration in the secure cloud can be used by an entire organization and is inexpensive to deploy. Deployment on a physical or virtual machine can allow thousands of employees to access the same data, securely, with the same collaboration software.

Today’s businesses must work worldwide: Employees across departments, around the world, need not swap multiple versions of files to complete a presentation or process flow – or even use email to work together on

projects in real-time. Reduce the time to communicate an idea and complete a project by making Localized Data Storage available to your entire organization.


Secure File and Folder Syncing

End-to-end encrypted syncing: Localized Data Storage allows each licensed user to securely sync files from multiple folders on their desktop. Once the sync begins, TAPNET will encrypt the folders and files before sending them to the cloud. While in transit data remains encrypted and is sent through a secured 256-bit SSL tunnel. Once it is in the cloud, it is encrypted again. It remains encrypted at 256-bit AES for its life in the cloud.

Access and share synced folders: Once a folder or file is safe and secure in the cloud, users will be able to view, edit, and comment on data in the cloud. Eliminate the restrictions of email by sending secure links to large files with Localized Data Storage.


Unlimited Versioning

Regulation compliant unlimited versioning:
Localized Data Storage allows complete versioning and archiving control. Access files by version history and upload new versions of files. Deletion of previous versions is not required, but it is optional.



Keep up to date with your team’s activities:
Using notifications, department managers can monitor team activities and manage projects between individuals. Notifications are available for file sharing, downloading, commenting, and editing.


Large File Sharing

Some important files are just too big for email: Localized Data Storage is a secure alternative to free file-sending services. Files can be sent to clients or associates who may not have direct access to your secure cloud, but still need to receive a document from a user of TAPNET. Eliminate the size of EDB files on your Exchange server by sending large files securely with Localized Data Storage.


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