Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and recovery refers to the process of backup up data in case a loss and setting up systems that allow that data recovery due to data loss.

Backing up data requires copying and archiving computer data, so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. TAPNET data backup service offers 100GB Online Backup for storage space for a one time fee of $4.95. Add storage in increments of 100GB any time. The one time setup fee includes 1 device, but offers unlimited local and network drives for that 1 device.

Data Backup Software

TAPNET backup client software works on all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Virtual Machine, Synology QNAP, Backup for Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, SUSE, Oracle Linux. Use any of these backup clients with the 100GB of data storage.

Data Backup and Recovery Plan

To create a data backup or recovery is just a few clicks away. From the client application click on Files and follow the wizard through the steps to setup a backup plan. The options start with choosing to create a local or cloud backup or a Hybrid where the backup is done locally first and then to cloud. We highly recommend this option to build data redundancy and eliminate single point of failure. Off-site backups are always recommended as a second level of data backup with on-site or local being the primary go to.

Backup Procedures

Every small business should have a disaster recovery plan and part of that should include data backup and recovery procedures. These should be documented and kept as a hard copy with multiple key stakeholders. Just imagine that you are doing a data recovery with a brand new machine and have absolutely nothing left from the disaster except the manual to recovery from.

Data Backup and Recovery Tools
Methods and Software

When preparing a disaster recovery plan every detail should be considered. From which files and folders are required to be in the backup to the hardware needed for the local backup and a full detailed inventory of what hardware requirements to complete a successful recovery. It is also good to practice the recovery process and document the methods used such as full or partial restores, priority of folders and the estimated time to implement the recovery plan.

Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

Every small, medium and large business will invest enourmous amounts of time and money in technology and the data represents the value of the employee equity. Without a backup, a disaster can wipe out all the equity of the organization. The recovery is like having a fire safe to prevent important papers from being destroyed in a fire. Remember the most valuable backup is the most recent one.

Backup and Recovery Concepts
  • Selecting file types to backup
  • Backup only modified files
  • Skipping system and hidden files
  • Skipping locked files
  • Backup compression configuration
  • Additional security and encryption
  • Setting Retention Policies
  • Sync your data that has been deleted locally
  • Backup schedules, one time, real time
  • Notification and event logs
  • Data versioning and file revision history
Backup Solution Is Fully Automated

Using data backup services is definitely something that can be automated and where the term was coined to set it and forget it. Ultimately a proper data backup and recovery plan will save cost and time and gives stakeholders peace of mind knowing the valuables are safe and secure.

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