What are the Most Common Web Hosting Issues?

Web host support teams often have to deal with many different issues but some of these issues are more common than others and can be easily resolved on one’s own. If you are new to the world of web hosting it is entirely possible that you will face some of the more common web hosting issues. Now, you can always call on customer service and ask them for help but why do that when you can learn about the issues here and solve them on your own? Take note that these common issues are not exactly the kind that needs major troubleshooting, but rather, is something you can solve on your own easily enough.

How to login to my account? – This is one of the first questions that web hosting newbies always ask after they sign up.  This can be addressed in two parts namely: where you log in and what information to use. The answer to both of these questions is right in front of you because most web host services will send you a thorough and well-structured email that explains your account and contains account information along with other pertinent details like name servers, IP addresses, etc. If you must call on customer service reps, make sure that you have all the necessary information handy to make the process go by without a hitch.

Why is the email not working? – There are a great number of shared hosting customers that use their account for email. It is because if this that a lot of questions asked tend to be about email concerns. Some of the more common questions about email include: incorrect passwords, account is incorrectly configured, and server level issues. For you to fix these problems, what you need to do is check your account and have a look at the configuration of your email client.  Next thing you need to do is to check if you can send email via webmail and if you can, then the problem is probably with your desktop email client. You can uninstall and then set it up again; if it doesn’t work then you can call your web host to ask for help.

How to install a script? – Many web host customers sign up with web hosts with the intent of using a particular script. It might seem tricky but you can easily figure out how to set up scripts by taking a peek at the “getting started” section of your site. The directions for how you can access this particular section should be featured in the welcome email sent to you by the webhost.

How to get more domains? – New web hosting customers will find that the process of putting parked and add-on domains to their websites can become somewhat difficult. These types of domains should have the same DNS to call their primary domain.  If you have prolonged problems with your domains then you need to call on your web host for additional help.

Have you ever had these problems when you were just getting started? Did you solve them on your own or did you ask for help?

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