What are Some Common Cloud Computing Facts and Myths?

cloud computing factsThe cloud may no longer be the buzz word that it was several years ago but this doesn’t mean people no longer talk about it. Those in the know extol its virtues on a daily basis while those who do not know much about the cloud are stuck repeating myths and half-truths that they picked up from people who also do not know much about the cloud. If you are one of those people who do not know much about the cloud and shy away from it due to preconceived notions and half-truths, it is time to get cloud computing facts once and for all.

Cloud Computing Facts—Setting Myths Straight

It is too expensive! This is one of the reasons why so many people and businesses eschew the cloud. Most think that it will cost them gobs of money when that is just not true. Like a lot of business solutions in the technology marketplace, cloud computing services come with a wide price range. While some services are indeed pricy and will cost more than you can afford, you can always look for a service that fits your price range.  Whether you are starting a small business or expanding a multinational corporation, there is always a cloud computing service that will fit your needs and your budget. Besides, as more and more cloud providers enter the area, they will lower the prices to get consumers to patronize their business.

Security may be compromised. It is a good idea to take your data security seriously and it’s important for businesses to look for a service that will secure their sensitive data so it just makes sense why you would be concerned about this issue of data security on the cloud. Some half-truths and lies state that the cloud is not safe but nothing can be further from the truth because so many cloud service providers are world class and provide the highest levels of security for their clients. In fact, the security they offer you is as good as the kind you find on-site.  However, if you wish to be really sure, make sure you ask your cloud service supplier just what kind if security measures they have.

The cloud will put your IT manager out of job. It is easy to see why people would be protective over their jobs with their being so hard to come by and all. Now if you want to move to the cloud and your IT manager has issues with it, you can assure him that moving to the cloud won’t make him lose his job and there are many aspects of his duties that the company will still need even after making the move to the cloud.

It is only for big businesses. It’s true that more and more big businesses are moving to the cloud but this doesn’t mean they are the only ones with the right to do so. In fact, some cloud services are tailored to suit the needs of SMEs.

So there you have it—cloud computing facts to set the issue straight. Hopefully, you will feel more comfortable about using the cloud after reading the myths and facts above.