Combatting the Disadvantage of Online Backup

Online Backup Disadvantages

Many people ask, “What are the disadvantages of using online backup?” They ask this because they want to know what to expect when they sign up with an online backup provider such as TAPNET. This is wise because just as you want to protect your files in case of a computer crash, you want to protect your files from the disadvantages of online backup services.

The Disadvantages Explained

When you use online backup to protect your files, you need to be able to have access to the network. Accessing the network means you have to be connected to the Internet. If you are not able to access Wi-Fi, you will not be able to access your files.

The second disadvantage is there is a cost for online backup services. While many providers offer a free trial or a data limit, eventually, you’ll have to sign up for a plan. The price depends on how much you need to store.

How to Cope

Right now, you may thinking that online backup services just aren’t going to work because of the need for network access and cost. But wait, before you make your final decision, consider this:

Wi-Fi is available in most places nowadays. You can sit in just about any public area, and be able to tap into a network. If, by chance, you are not able to access the Internet, you can always download the files you need while offline to work on them, and then upload the updated files once you’re back online.

When you think about the cost of online backup services, think about how much you will save if you end up losing all of your files due to a computer crash. You pay for insurance for your car, home, and other personal possessions, so why not for your files?

There are disadvantages to everything in life. Don’t allow it to keep you away from benefiting from all of the advantages though. Call TAPNET today to learn more about backup services.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: rajcreationzs