TAPNET’s Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage?

TAPNET’s Cloud Storage is a simple way to securely store and share data with anyone you choose. Essentially a superfortified external hard drive on the web, Cloud Storage from TAPNET:

– defends against permanent, unforeseeable hard drive failures
– access data from any internet connected
– device enables you to easily share your files with anyone you select.

TAPNET Cloud Storage is very easy to set up, and once it’s configured, you can access your files from anywhere there is an internet connection. Even without an internet connection, you can store cached data locally until there is a connection at which time modified files will be synchronized to the cloud storage.

To share files, it’s easy to create a unique URL (“yourtext.”) and allow access to anyone with the URL.

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Cloud Services

How does Cloud Storage differ From Other Services?

Cloud Storage is different than Online Backup. Cloud Storage creates an online drive which you can copy files into. This is very similar to a mapped network drive. The online drive can be accessed from any internet connection and utilizes worldwide data centers to provide a cost effective data storage solution.

The virtual drive appears as a new Drive Letter (L:) in My Computer window. You can copy and open files directly from the L: drive. By installing the software on additional computers, you can access the same L: drive from other computers.
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How do I setup a Cloud Storage?

The setup process for Cloud Storage is very easy and literally takes minutes. Simply:
– order the service
– install the software
– activate the online drive

A new drive on the computer will be automatically created, and this new drive is accessed just like connecting a USB flash drive. This setup process is essentially the same as TAPNET’s Online Backup.
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Online Drive

Where can I see the files in the Online Drive?

The files that you’ve copied into the online drive all available from your the newly created drive letter on the computer. Login with your TAPNET account email address and password, and you’ll be able to use these files as if they were on your computer.

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How can I restore files from Cloud Storage?

Simply look for the entry in your toolbar called “Show Deleted Items.”

You’re perfect with TAPNET if your files need to be stored online to be accessed from multiple locations, or by multiple users. It is easy to use Cloud Storage as an online backup service, if you’re willing to manually create your own versions.
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Can I get access to previous versions of files?

The best way to track versions using TAPNET’s Cloud Storage is by simply creating a new document, and uploading it to the cloud drive. By copying and pasting your previous version into another folder, or simply renaming the folder versions, you’re free to edit as you wish, with your previous version intact.

If you’d prefer an automatically generated revision history, consider TAPNET’s Online Backup, which keeps up to the last 30 versions of any file.

Alternatively, if you are using TAPNET Online Backup, open “Restore Backups” from the Backup software and simply rightclick on a file and select “View Older Versions,” or select “Versions” from the toolbar to see a list and restore any historical versions.
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Reversible Deletion

Can I restore deleted items?

Yes – TAPNET Cloud Storage retains deleted items for 30 days after they are deleted. Deleted items that are deleted using a computer are NOT moved to the Recycle Bin of that computer. After it is deleted, it is no longer visible on the cloud storage drive and marked for deletion, which is then available to restore for 30 days using the web portal by viewing deleted items.
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Next Steps

I know I need this what’s next?

TAPNET’s Cloud Storage remains the easiest and most costeffective way to add secure data storage to your life, without increasing your physical responsibility or clutter.

It’s your own new hard drive, with zero manual labor.

Order your version of Cloud Storage today, and enjoy the luxury of some muchneeded extra space.

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