Cloud Storage Solutions or Traditional Backup – What’s Better?

One of the most common reasons people give for not using services like cloud storage solutions is that they already stored their data in an external hard drive which is the traditional back-up method. Although one is better than the other to some people, in reality, there is really no right or wrong with these back-up methods since they both have their own sets of pros and cons.

Listed below are three important factors to help you decide which backup method is a better fit for your needs.


Comparing how much you’d ultimately shell out will help you figure out what storage fits your budget. It’s also important to know the features that you’re going to enjoy with the price of the storage so you’ll get your money’s worth. You can calculate the cost of the traditional means of backup through the external hard drive/s that you’re going to use. Alternatively, checking the various price ranges of cloud storage systems is a way for you to calculate an online storage method.

For the external hard drive, the bigger it is (in terms of GB), the pricier it’ll be. Same goes with the cloud storage, the more online storage you’ll acquire, the higher the price range is. The only thing that makes cloud storage a bit better in this department is that there’s also a lot of free cloud storage systems available online.

Backup Process

When it comes to this department, it looks like the traditional way of storing data edges a bit because of the speed associated with it. External backups don’t take that long, even if you’re copying or moving tons of data. At the most, it will only take a few hours.
On the other hand, the cloud storage system’s first back-up, referred to as the complete backup, can take days (or sometimes weeks, especially for business cloud storage solutions). The good thing about this is that you’ll still be able to use your device even while you’re backing up. The downside is that accessing your files can be a bit tricky. Another saving grace of cloud storage is that once the complete backup is done, subsequent backups won’t take that long again. In fact, the process will be just for mere minutes.


One of the features cloud storage providers are proud of is that once you store your files and data in the cloud, everything will be easy to access. You don’t even have to use only your computer to access your folders since remote access using other devices is possible. That’s all well and good. However, it can be a problem if the cloud storage user isn’t connected online. Granted that there are providers that give special offline access (though still limited), when it boils down to it, easy accessibility isn’t always that easy.

Alternatively, external hard drives give you accessibility in a way that if you have it with you, anytime, online or offline, you can still access your data. The operative word here though is ‘anytime.’ If you happen to forget to bring your hard drive, then easy access isn’t possible at all.

How about you, what type of backup method fits your needs better?