Cloud Storage Is Here to Stay

ID-100110585When cloud storage first started, many people thought it was just some new fad. After a year or two, this fad wasn’t going away. Now, it’s the most popular utility for businesses and individuals. It’s why everywhere you turn big names like Google, Amazon, and others are offering cloud computing.

How Big Is the Cloud?

The growth of the cloud is astounding. Storage Newsletter reports that they expected to have at least 625million person cloud storage subscriptions this year, this is an incredible increase from 2011, which was only 300 million. By 2017, its projected that there will be 1.3 billion subscriptions.

The Cloud Has Made Its Mark and It’s Staying

The cloud crashed into the data storage realm with a quickness. It made a remarkable effect on data storage solutions. Now, it’s here to stay.

People everywhere are able to see the benefits, and they are excited about it. There’s never been a tool that has provided such relief from computer crashes and increased productivity for businesses.

So, if you were thinking that you’ll just wait around for the cloud to go away and something else to come, it’s likely you’ll be waiting for a long time. While you wait, you may just end up wishing you joined the millions of others who have already taken advantage of this awesome technology to grow their business and protect it.

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