How Cloud Storage Help Businesses Expand

cloud storage help businesses Starting a business is not easy because you have to start out small, and you have to make sure that you stand out and actually compete against other bigger businesses. The thing about business though is that in order to survive, the business should be able to expand, and the problem with expansion is if the small business owner doesn’t have enough money to do so.

Expanding a business is a very tiring and expensive endeavor and the thing that usually prevents most small companies from getting bigger is the fact that they lack money and resources. However, with the advent of cloud technology, it is now easier for small companies to expand their operations. Cloud storage help businesses save on storage costs. For small business owners, this is not an opportunity to be missed, so check out more about this below!

Who is doing it –Companies that want to expand their businesses might need multiple data centers but those cost a ton of money and small companies usually cannot afford them. This is where the cloud comes in. Companies that do not have money for multiple data centers can quickly set up a new location simply by getting in touch with a cloud storage provider because they will be the ones to store the data. Do not think this is only for mom-and-pop businesses that want to expand because even Ethernet switch start-up company Arista Networks makes use of a service from a cloud storage provider called Egnyte to back up all their computers and store their important data.  They also share files internally along with their customers and their partners.

How it works – If you are interested in this same thing for your business expansion, then you will want to know how to make it work. It is really easy – you get in touch with a cloud storage provider and they will usually have different plans for you to choose from. When you look at their plans, try to consider the ones that have room for expansion and flexibility since that is the whole reason you are turning to the cloud in the first place.  Once you have that set up, client software or passwords will give employees the ability to access corporate content wherever they might be stationed. There are some cloud service providers like Amazon that go above and beyond the call of service and make it a point to offer storage together with computing resources – this is a great option for places where bandwidth is pricey.

Potential for growth – Experts estimated that the revenue from cloud storage services totaled a whopping $2.7 billion back in 2009; by the time 2012 rolled in, it grew to a massive $12 billion. This shows that as the cloud storage service providers improve their services, more and more businesses are going to the cloud as well.

Because of the way cloud storage help businesses, if you are a business owner, you should seriously consider investing in one. Have you been thinking of expanding your business? Do you think that using the cloud can help you expand it? Share your thoughts below!