Cloud Computing: Cloudy…with a Good Doze of Success!

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In the world of innovation, it is said that the front line is a shifting line. With the emergence of the internet, you would have been forgiven to think that the technocrats had finally nailed it and that there was no more to be discovered. But that was not the case as the front line in technology kept shifting and now it has shifted to cloud computing. In recent times cloud computing has become a hot topic in the business world. But what is cloud computing? What is its importance? What is a cloud backup service?

To start with, cloud computing can be defined as an upgraded version of utility computing. But, sort of definition, this might be hard to digest for those who are not well versed with computing terminologies. To break it down, cloud computing allows people to use applications or run programs from software without having to physically download it in the first place.

Cloud backup is simply a way of backing up your data over the internet. It keeps your data safe from any disaster.aaaapix

Many companies with varying sizes have started warming to the idea of cloud computing which umbrellas cloud backup. This is in part due to the advantages that came along with cloud computing.

Saves the company a lot of money

It would be a total financial nightmare if after buying a computer for everyone in the company you are then to buy each one of them software or a software license. And with every new employee you add, the spending cycle goes on and on. Cloud computing changes the vicious cycle. It ensures that everyone can access all the programs by just loading one application through which the workers will be logging in to access the programs.


It allows the business to try out new ideas without much financial and manpower constrains. And if business is to change its direction then cloud computing facilitates this fair and quickly.

Saves time

With cloud computing your workers can easily get access to programs that will help with their work output. Therefore saving the time that would have been used going up and down hunting for the programs.

Minimizes licensing of new software and paying for them.

Cloud computing provides a good venue for you to take care of your business without the need or worry of acquiring software and programs.

Software updates

Cloud computing helps in updating your software automatically hence the time and money that you would have used to update can be channeled elsewhere.

Data recovery

Companies that use cloud computing can now breathe a sigh of relief because cloud computing allows them to recover all their data in case of disasters. This is perhaps the most exponential benefit of having cloud backup services.

Tons of storage capacity

With cloud computing you need not to worry about running out of storage space. It offers your company almost unlimited storage capacity.

Increased collaboration

Cloud computing helps workers to easily sync up, work on documents and share apps simultaneously.

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