As a shared network drive

Sharing files between Windows computers is time consuming to setup. Sharing files between Windows and Macs is even worse. TAPNET makes it easy and adds dozens of brilliant new features in the process.

With TAPNET Briefcase, you can give every employee access to your company’s briefcase. With full access control you can specify who has access to which files. Collaboration features like commenting and version control allow people to work together on the same files easily. Advanced features such as caching allow users to specify which files and folders they want to keep local copies of for fast and offline access.

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As an FTP server

TAPNET does away with the need for FTP. However, for full compatibility it fully supports access to all files by FTP, SFTP and WebDAV. You can setup FTP access for users and for external parties. If you need an FTP server, TAPNET makes it easy and adds dozens of extra features on top

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For sharing files

How does your business share files with external parties today? E-mail? FTP? Chances are, it doesn’t always work too well. With TAPNET you’ll get your own dedicated web portal that you can even custom brand with your own logo. Users can quickly share any file on TAPNET either publicly or privately. Sharing recipients can then access the files via the web or via FTP if they wish.

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For mobile access

TAPNET has apps for iPhone and iPad with Android coming soon. Your employees will be delighted with slick access to all their files on the go. They can view office documents, play presentations and even stream music and video. It’ll make your employees more efficient and impress your customers and partners.

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For working together

Everyone talks about collaboration and group working. TAPNET actually makes it easy for any sized business without having to learn new software. Easily create Team Folders and control which employees have access. They can then work together on their computers and on the web with TAPNET keeping everything in sync. Give it a try, you won’t look back!mportant book or document to your iPhone or iPad before you left home, you can still retrieve it and edit it in seconds

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For computer backup

TAPNET makes it easy and hassle free to backup data. Install our software on all your PCs and Macs and it’ll work quickly in the background to backup files online. You can see and manage everything from the web and restore files easily by web download or by using our dedicated restore software. Plus, because you can access your online storage space with FTP you can backup servers or custom applications to your Livedrive space.

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