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Increase Website Traffic

increase website traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic Naturally

To increase website traffic naturally you need to implement a few optimization strategies. These are not the typical set and forget settings that we all wish for. To appear on page 1 of search results is very competitive for any keyword. This makes SEO an on going effort to climb higher on search results. New web pages are published daily. Existing web pages that already have a high ranking on search results are also working on climbing higher. This leaves us chasing a moving target. The best option for SEO is to get started and keep going until you begin to see results. If you stop it is like letting the air out of a balloon and soon many others will pass you.

How To Build Backlinks

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increase website traffic

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What is SEO

Improving your web page to increase website traffic is referred to as search engine optimization (SEO). Page Rank is an algorithm developed by Google that decides the order of web pages that appear in search results. This algorithm changes periodically so that better to improve user experience. Since this is similar to a secret recipe, it leaves us guessing what to change next to maintain page ranking. This can work to your advantage because as people stop improving their web pages you can begin to pass them on search ranking.

How To Improve SEO

The strategies to increase website traffic can be summarized into 3 categories. These 3 SEO strategies that have always been important and should be included with every business marketing plan:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Back Links

Off Page Optimization

Off-page optimization which can require a lot more effort than all the others unfortunately is the most important. This includes managing social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google Maps, Google Local, and Pinterest. The list for social media sites is practically endless now. Essentially off-page optimization is like managing ads in every newspaper, magazine, billboard and bus stop in the world. Except it is the online version. Ultimately you need a bottomless budget to have a big impact and most people get overwhelmed.

Most businesses are just looking for more customers and the best and most profitable way to do this still is through text based search. This is because of the theory of intent. When you search on Google, it is very implicit what you are looking for. We can extract from keywords and phrases if the web traffic is for learning or if someone is ready to buy. Developing landing pages for keywords that show intent to buy has a much higher increase of conversion.

Back Link Strategy

The most effective SEO strategy of all time of course is back links. Back Links is getting other web pages to link back to your web page. To understand how a good back link strategy works, imagine walking into a crowded room and asking for directions to the bathroom. The people that respond quickly and know where it is are the higher ranking individuals that know where the bathroom is. Imagine asking someone at is there for their first visit versus the owner of the place. You will accept the owners directions and rely on them because they live there.

With the internet, having back links is like asking the internet full of websites where your website is. The websites with the most knowledge about your industry will give people directions to your website in the form of a link that can be clicked on. The websites that have already been there a long time and live there, have a more reliable source of directions.

Crowd Based Page Rank

This is how the Google Page Rank formula started. It was a crowd based voting system and the more web pages giving directions to your web page, the higher you were ranked. Now there are many other factors, but this one by far trumps them all.

The reason this is still the best for search ranking is because you cannot simply tell people to give others directions back to you. They need to do it on their own. The more powerful they are in that niche, the more Google recognizes that as higher authority and reliable source. Google likes to use crowd sourcing for knowledge and this is one of the reasons they use it.

What happens Next?

What you need to think about next is how to implement a strategy to increase website traffic. TAPNET offers SEO tools and services to implement on-page, off-page optimization and back link strategies. Based on the details above you may be ready to get started and work towards increasing organic web page traffic.

increase website traffic

Improve SEO Now

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