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Online Backup Services

Best Online Backup Services

100GB Online Backup Services – One Time Setup Fee $129.95

TAPNET Offers the best Online Backup Services for a one time setup fee of $129.95. Includes 100GB of Data and 1 Device License in any of the available data centers. Backup unlimited local or network drives, set file revisions, deletion retention policies and start with a 15 day free trial.

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Advantages with TAPNET

TAPNET offers a powerful backup service packed with features and benefits. Online backup software combined with Amazon S3 is an unbeatable combination. Below is a list of the advantages that TAPNET offers:

  • Data Storage Using Amazon Cloud
  • Online Backup To Cloud Or Local Drives
  • Backup NAS or Mapped Network Drives
  • Unlimited File Revision History
  • Unlimited Deleted File Retention
  • Automatic Or Scheduled Backup Plans
  • Compatible With Windows, MAC, Linux and more
  • Free 15 Day Trial with 1GB Backup Space

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Choose Closest Data Center

Leveraging global data centers brings you a wide selection of locations to store your data close to home!

Available Data Centers
  • US (California/Oregon/Ohio)
  • Canada (East)
  • South America (Brazil)
  • Europe (Frankfurt/Ireland)
  • Asia (Singapore/Tokyo/Seoul/Mumbai)
  • Australia (Sydney)

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Unlimited File Revision History

Online Cloud Backup features unlimited file revisions and is backed up to powerful, trusted Amazon Data Centers of your choice. You can create custom backup schedules to secure your data as often as you need to. Secure backups are required by law in some industries; our backup system conforms to the stringent doctor-patient confidentiality requirements laid out by HIPAA.

Online Cloud Backup from TAPNET will secure your valuable business files, photos, music, videos and other documents. Our software uses 256-Bit AES military grade encryption and uploaded files are stored in a state-of-the-art data centers. TAPNET is intuitive, easy to use and ensures that if any of your on-site devices fails, a copy of your data will still be available online. The services mitigates vulnerabilities open to hackers, hardware or software failures and human errors. View Pricing + Packages


Unlimited Deleted File Retention

TAPNET keeps a private backup of each deleted file for as long as you require after deletion, so nothing lost if the wrong files are accidentally deleted. Simply open the TAPNET cloud backup software and restore accidentally deleted information is a snap. The cheapest form of data insurance you can find, Online Cloud Backup from TAPNET can easily restore any saved version of your files. You can choose to restore your most recent data, or an earlier version. With unparalleled accessibility, security, and storage size for businesses and individuals, only TAPNET can offer you this freedom from data risk. Sign up now, to take advantage of our 15 day free trial! View Pricing + Packages

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Best Online Backup Services

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Online Backup Services