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Free Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business
Free Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

Free cloud backup solutions for small businesses offered by TAPNET is unbeatable.  50GB Free online backup and storage.  NO one else offers this!  Not even among these most popular service providers that include: Carbonite, Backblaze, OpenDrive, SpiderOak and Acronis. Well these might be the first to appear on a Google search, we cannot exclude ourselves. TAPNET offers the first class backup client software for small business. Ideal and packed with features including a free 15 day trial. Keep reading to get free backup service.

How do I backup to the cloud for free?

To backup to the cloud for free you will need to find a service provider that is offering a backup service that is actually free. Not just a free trial or free cloud storage space for which to copy files into. We didn’t actually do any research here because we want to point you to the Free online backup service you can get directly from TAPNET. 2 simple steps and you will be on your way to a free backup service. First, find and like our Facebook page here (Facebook.com/TAPNET). Then click on Reviews and leave us a fantastic review. Afterall, we’re about to offer you a free backup service. Within a few minutes Facebook will respond to your Review with a Promo Code to use on Tapnet.com/5GBFREE

How much does 1 TB of cloud storage cost?

Price for 1TB of cloud storage varies from each service provider. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to several hundred per year. While the prices have varied over the years the general trend is for prices to drop periodically. Keep in mind Cloud Storage is different than Cloud Backup. Read more about the differences in this article titled: How Can I Backup My Data Online For Free.

Is OneDrive better than Google Drive?

We always find products that Microsoft produces to be generally clunky compared to the first class quality that Google has. When the cloud storage client software was first available for Windows they both had their quirks. Google has improved a lot since then where now you can actually switch between accounts better now and on Windows you can add another account. While this feature does work best on Android, it is nice that you don’t have to completely disconnect the Google Drive client now to access another account. They both offer an amount of space for free. For example Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage to start. The upgrade to GSuite with 30GB priced roughly at $70USD for a year at the time of this writing. Do remember though that these accounts include backup space for any devices connected. Each device and the photos or videos that get backed up will quickly use up Free 15GB for most people.

How do I backup my small business data?

Even if you are using Google Drive look in your local folders for the cached copy of all the files. This is the folder that you want to backup to either an external hard drive or an alternate backup service. While you are pretty safe with Google Drive not losing anything, if you are saving small business files like documents and spreadsheets there are no revision history or retention policies available. This is where you will want to couple Google Drive or any Cloud Storage with an online backup service. Try TAPNET free for 15 days using the backup client you can use Hybrid option in the backup plan to create a local backup and sync that local backup into the cloud.

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