What are the Best Free Cloud Storage Providers?

best free cloud storage

Cloud storage has made it so easy to back up and have access to your files everywhere you go. This made the demand for providers higher as more users discover and enjoy the benefits of using cloud storage. If you are just starting to acquaint yourself with this technology, start out with a free service to help you learn more about the ins and outs of the service. Here are some of the best free cloud storage services that you can start with:

Dropbox. Dropbox was among the first popular cloud storage services, and remains to be one of the names that people rely on when they need free storage online. Initially giving you 2GB worth of free space, the different ways for users to increase their free storage is one of the primary reasons their service spread so quickly, with the promise of being awarded additional space for every friend invited to use Dropbox, plus a few other strategies. It is also available across almost every kind of operating system and device imaginable, making it easier for users to sync their files across every workstation and gadget they use.

SkyDrive / OneDrive. A lot of improvements have been made to make SkyDrive easier to use, which has brought its reputation up a few notches. Now rebranded as OneDrive, its tight integration with Windows has made file syncing more efficient, and its availability across mobile gadgets and operating systems gives easy access to files for people on the go. They give out 7GB of free storage once you sign up, with different paid options should you find the need to expand the given space.

SugarSync. SugarSync deserves to be ranked with the big names in cloud storage, mostly because of the features that come with the service. The syncing options are far more detailed compared to the other providers, and the ways to personalize the syncing process according to what fits your needs are exceptional. Although people believe that they only offer paid services, they actually have the option for a free 5GB of storage space.

Google Drive. With 5GB of free storage, Google Drive makes it easy to sync your files especially if you already have an existing Google account. The best part about Google Drive is its built-in office suite, allowing you to edit spreadsheets, documents and presentations without having to open them using the program they were created in. It also makes it easier to send files and save attachments through your Gmail account.

Box. Box is great for businesses and groups working together on a single project. With amazing options to share files and leave comments regardless of who created the file, it makes it easier to coordinate with colleagues and teammates. It also sends out notifications to members whenever a file is changed for faster tracking and updating across the team.

With the five best free cloud storage services at your fingertips, it has now become easier to back up, share and have access to your files no matter where you are.