What are the Best Cloud Storage Services?

best cloud storage servicesMore and more people and businesses are relying on the cloud to store, share and collaborate. It bears noting that this sudden explosion in the number of people and businesses joining the cloud bandwagon has resulted in an equal explosion in the number of cloud storage service providers. This is why it is becoming more and more important to choose only the best cloud storage services. Whether you are looking to the cloud for personal file storage or for business use, the best cloud storage services are the ones that offer security. You can be blinded by fancy marketing and flashy colors by other cloud storage providers, but it is best to choose ones that put a premium on security.

It doesn’t matter if your cloud storage provider promises they will keep your account and information safe. You still need to make sure that you also take some necessary precautions to ensure your own security.

Take your password seriously! This might be the nth time you have heard this, but you will be surprised at how so many people take their passwords so lightly. Your password is the first line of defense against people who may want to get into your information. With 90% of passwords that can be cracked in mere seconds, you really want to not be part of the statistics. When you choose a password, mix it up with number and letters and throw in some special characters if it is allowed. You are also advised not to use the same password over and over again but if you have to, why not customize? Try something like “abcdefg5gmail” for your Gmail account and “abcdefg5skype” for your Skype account.  If you have too many passwords then you can always use a type of software that will keep all your passwords under one master password.

Choose a cloud service that is encrypted. When you look for cloud services online, you may want to look for ones that offer cloud services which are centered on providing local file encryption and decryption along with the more standard backup and storage offers. When you find such a cloud service provider, you know that they take the security of your files very seriously and they will handle the encryption of your files in your own computer and everything else in between when you are storing them in the cloud. When your files are encrypted, this means that the chances of anyone getting into them are decreased exponentially.

Do not share your passwords with anyone. This has to go without saying but you will also be surprised at how many people think it is okay to share their passwords. When you store sensitive data in the cloud, make sure that you keep your password private. If you must share the password with your team, make sure that you change it regularly.

So you see, it is not just up to the cloud service providers to keep your data secure. You also have to do your job in making sure that your files stay safe and secure.